Thursday, February 21, 2013

Juicy by Pepper Pace


I loved this book. This book came to me via recommendation from another blogger.  I was not sure about the book at first when I read the intro, a black girl who is taught white people are the devil, meets white guy who is a bum on the street and they fall in love.  So I was really like, 'ok let’s see how this book ends and hope it entertains me in the process'.  Well yes it did!  I was pleasantly surprised on how the chapters were so developed and you could get a real since of who they are and their back story.  The story was not so typical, but was very real and I laughed and cried at points of the book.

Funny J

“Why did that nurse call me Mrs. Cracker?”
“Oh yeah that. You’re my wife, Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to site here and keep an eye on you” He paused in his chewing to giver a long look. “And since you named me Mr. Cracker, it’s your name, too.”

If you do not get the joke in this, you will when you read this book; I was dying laughing.  There were also times that made me feel a little mushy over things when this was said.

Tears of Sadness statement:
“Troy you have choice here. I can take you to the hospital. They’ll stitch you up, give you a shot of antibiotics, and ask for a police report.” Here he gave Troy a pointed look. “.. and then send you on your way.  Or I can take you to a church I know. They help guys that are down on their luck. They have doctor on board that will look you over real good then they’ll give you a meal ticket and a place in one of their boarding houses to sleep. Once you are feeling better they will help you get on your feet.” He was driving as he talked. The low humming voices coming across the police radio made a perfect backdrop to Kelly’s deep baritone. “Which will it be, son?”

You have got read the book to know what the above is talking about.

This book takes you on a nice ride in life; it is rich in charter development and understanding on real accounts on real situations people deal with day to day.  It is a love story that you would never put together otherwise, but very entertaining and meaningful.  If you want learn something new and expand your reading horizon this is the book for you.  This an adult read with sexual content and some racial slurs.    

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