Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wheels of Steel Books 1, 2, and 3 by Pepper Pace

óóóóó (So worth the lost sleep)

Ok - Pepper Pace did it again for me. Because I was a fan of “Juicy”, I decided to read this series.  I lost one night of sleep over it but is was totally worth it.  Well how do I began...  I pulled an all-nighter to finish this; it was a good, very fast paced read and I wanted to know what was going to happen next.  I seldom get a read in which I just have to read the whole series at once but this one got me.  Let me tell you the story line...

Jason, better known as Top, is an up and coming DJ.  He’s a white guy that knows more about Hip Hop than most and he also has cerebral palsy.  His group Wheels of Steel is comprised of self-proclaimed misfits that are made cool by their talent. But despite his talent and popularity, Jason is plagued by issues of trust and anger.

Robin is a shy black girl that takes a job as his home healthcare aid. Her crippling nervous condition makes everything difficult for her, not just her bad tempered client with cerebral palsy, but also his close knit friends, and even her mother with her best intentions. Their saga takes them along a musical journey of self-discovery and love.

This story line made me very courous about it and started read book one. I was caught at the beginning; loving hip hop myself, I think you hip hop listeners will enjoy all the artists they speak of. Once again I learned something new and totally connected with the charioteers of the book. I am sure you can see yourself in at least one of them. She hits on the subjects of depression, Crohns disease, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, fear of being hurt, cancer, death and dying, and on a lighter note, the love for hip hop and music ranging from the 70’s Motown and up.  It brought back memories of “beat street” and other movies that age me.  The characters find a way to either overcome or work with what God gave them to their advantage.  Once again Pepper Pace develops characters well and takes you on a journey about this misfit group that seem to work well together in the end.  There ups and down are very common to all but yet you do not think about those who have special needs have them too; the author puts you with them to feel their journey with the character.  You will be rooting for Top (Jason) and Sweetheart in the HC (Robin) and riding the roller coaster of their lives.  Cry, laugh, roll your eyes and neck and scream while reading the series.  I guess now I can go sleep and get ready for the next book ride. 

This is an adult read, with adult language and content.

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