Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book Review: Beautiful Stranger by Chrisina Lauren

***** 5 stars!

Let me just start off by saying that this book was sexy and I flew through the book fast and speedy to see what the next escapade was going to happen.  Just look at the cover - it has me humming Justin Timberlake and Jay Z's  "Suit and Tie" in my head while reading this book. You will see this is one of my recommendations of a book to read if you are looking for something to read after Fifty Shades. This first book was about Cloe and Bennett's story of a brilliant MBA grad student and the Beautiful Bastard's bossIf you have not read the first book, I highly recommend that you do.

This book is about is about Max (the Beautiful Stranger) and Sara and their um well I guess you would say love story. Sara is Cleo's best friend from Chicago and takes a job offer from her friend's place of workShe's leaving a horrible relationship and needs a new fresh start and runs into our British friend, Max. Come to find out Max is on Page Six magazine because of his playboy behavior in the gossip magazines and is followed by the Paparazzi, so not what Sara is looking for coming from a highly publicized relationship herself. Max started off very guarded with his feelings and towards the end he shows his emotion. I love it when the male lead shows his emotions in the end and declares his love when he has never done anything like it before - here are some of the of his words:

"I'm scared, too Sara. I'm scared I'm your rebound. I'm scared we'll cock it up somehow. I;m scared you will be tired of me. But the thing is" he said, smiling "I don't want anyone else. You rather ruined me for other women"
"When I say I love you' I don't mean that I love what being with you does for my career, or I love how often your're willing to shag. I mean I love you. I love who I am with you, and I'm trusting you not to hurt me." 
 Awwwwww :)

Another great thing is that Cleo and Bennett are still in this story, so you get to see how their relationship progresses and just like Beautiful Bastard, this book has very steamy scenes that even top Cleo and Bennett's escapades. 

I mentioned in my last blog post I went to the release party for the book and had the pleasure of meeting Lauren, one of the authors of this book.  I asked her how could she write a book with another author and it work so smoothly for them.  Lauren informed me that they assign each other characters to write and then they come together organically in how to speak in the language of the character.  While reading this book I can see how they split the characters One chapter would be Sara talking and the next chapter Max may be talking, which made their writing streamlined; it made it very easy to understand what each person was thinking and feeling during each situation and not just a one sided conversation.  

From what I understand, you can get this 5 star book at Target and get an exclusive added page for Target readers, or enter my giveaway and get a signed copy!

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