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Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines Review

New Adult/For Mature Readers
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May 18th 2013 - Price: Amazon : $3.99
***** Five Stars

This book is a spin-off to the Too Far series (I highly recommend) and explores the character Wood.  Wood Kerrington is still running his father's country club and meets a skittish girl named Della Sloane while pumping gas.  At first glance Della is gorgeous and does not have the first clue about doing day to day things. After Wood helps her his dilemma and addiction begins.

Things that stood out for me was how detailed Della's character issues were haunting her. In this book the author decides to give you a glimpse of her past which forces you to wonder how all the pieces of this complex character comes together. If you read the Too Far series highlight, which I highly recommend, you’ll know that Wood has a heart and now he has met his match.

Della is dealing with some deep rooted issues, and at first I did not like how Woods was treating her. The author left a lot of questions unanswered about Della and her past, which lends me to believe that we haven't seen nothin' yet. When Wood’s finally deals with his decision, I'm not quite sure he will be able to handle what Della has going on. 

"I'll be whatever she needs me to be I can't walk away from her; I tried, I'm hooked. And now I'm about to lose my mind because I don't know how to help her. I just need to go find her and hold her the rest of the damn day. I need to know she's okay." Woods said.

Well, hot damn! I’m gonna need to sit tight.  The theme of this book to me was whether or not Wood will be his own man or will he go the safe route in life.  Staking your claim on someone takes commitment, and seeing him struggle through that in this book makes this story very entertaining.  

With Della, I believe the best is yet to come. Some things were revealed but not everything – that’s what keeps you reading this book page by page, to try to put the pieces together. The scenes are scorching hot, and Blaire and Rush make a cameo. There is a big old cliff-hanger and I have no idea how this is going to end.  Can't wait for the sequel... 

If you have not read the Too Far series books, they are must reads and I also tabbed them as an "After Fifty Shades" read. Check them out in reading order. 

<-----Fallen Too Far on sale : $.99 cents is the first book, then Never Too Far : $3.99 

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