Thursday, March 7, 2013

Twilight junkies or people who like Young Adult Paranormal:

The new Stephanie Myers (author of the Twilight series) movie coming out March 29th is named "The Hoist"; check out the trailer - there are some really good actors and the Sci-Fi tricks look great!  Below is the trailer. 


 You already know about one of the newest crazes in the Young Adult book genre - movies based on books, like The Hunger Games books written by Suzanne Collins. The second movie installment of The Hunger Games will be out at the end of the year.

There are some new kids on the block to look out for: "Divergent" is a book series by Veronica Roth that will be made into a movie which will be in the movie theaters on March 24th, 2014; they have so far casted Kate Winslet and Shailene Woodley. 


I am so excited about this next one: the "Significance Series" by Shelly Crane will be made into a movie also. If you have not read her work yet, you will not be disappointed if you like the above books.  Below is a little about the book and on my right it was just announced that Mr. Jeremy Sumpter who will play to main lead "Caleb" in the movie. Let the dreamy sighs commence..

Maggie is a seventeen year old girl who's had a bad year. She was smart and on track, but then her mom left, her dad is depressed, she's graduating - barely - and her boyfriend of almost three years dumped her for a college football scholarship. Lately she thinks life is all about hanging on by a thread and is gripping tight with everything she has.

Then she saves the life of Caleb and instantly knows there's something about him that's intriguing. But things change when they touch, sparks ignite. Literally.

They imprint with each other and she sees their future life together flash before her eyes. She learns that not only is she his soul mate, and can feel his heartbeat in her chest, but there is a whole other world of people with gifts and abilities that she never knew existed. She herself is experiencing supernatural changes unlike anything she's ever felt before and she needs the touch of his skin to survive.

Now, not only has her dad come out of his depression to be a father again, and a pain as well, but Caleb's enemies know he's imprinted and are after Maggie to stop them both from gaining their abilities and take her from him.

Can Caleb save her or will they be forced to live without each other after just finding one another?



    The Hoist Trailer..

  2. So I looked on Goodreads and we pretty much have the same lists( slightly scary lol). But to recommend's not a YA but it's amazing. Diana Gabaldon has a series called Outlander and since we have the some of the same tastes I think you'll enjoy them. They are kind of long, but to me, the longer the better. Plus you won't even notice 'cause you'll be so caught up in the story!