Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Twin Cities Live Book Club Meet review!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to the Twin Cities Live Book Club meeting for the first time.  From what I understand, this is their third time meeting and it keeps growing in attendees every time. 

Weeks before our meeting, our host Elizabeth Ries interviewed the author of our book discussed, “On the Island” by Tracey Gravis-Graves, on the Twins Cities Live show. 
Yesterday, we had discussion questions; we broke out in groups and discussed the book and it was a lot of what-would-you-do questions. 

I meet some very nice ladies next to me who loved to read like me and we had a great time discussing the book, and excited about our upcoming new book.  I had the privilege of showing my table mates a picture of Tracey’s new book cover for “Covet”, that will be coming out in September and they read a little bit about the story from my iPad mini, and now we’re all excited to see what else she has coming out.  Very proud of the fact that she self-published and is now doing well, which made everyone from my table think big about their own possible success in their careers.

Let’s talk about the new book : “The Lighthouse Road” by Peter Geye, a local Minnesota author.  We were that the author will be on TCL at 3:00pm today, so I will be excited to hear from him about his work.  I do know that he will be at our next book club meeting to answer questions meet sometime in June; I will mark my calendar once I get an exact date and this time I’ll bring my book friends!  Below is a little about the book I found on Goodreads site.

Against the wilds of sea and wood, a young immigrant woman settles into life outside Duluth in the 1890s, still shocked at finding herself alone in a new country, abandoned and adrift; in the early 1920s, her orphan son, now grown, falls in love with the one woman he shouldn’t and uses his best skills to build them their own small ark to escape. But their pasts travel with them, threatening to capsize even their fragile hope. In this triumphant new novel, Peter Geye has crafted another deeply moving tale of a misbegotten family shaped by the rough landscape in which they live--often at the mercy of wildlife and weather--and by the rough edges of their own breaking hearts.

Thank you again, Elizabeth, for starting the book club and making us feel comfortable with great food and book talk.

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